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Highways Infrastructure 

Support Service

Providing independent Technical advice and support on Highways Infrastructure in the fields of structural waterproofing and expansion joints .


Roads and bridges are critical infrastructure for connecting communities, commerce and countries .


Without effective consideration for materials and practices used for the protection of vital components such as the bridge decks , maintenance and repair costs will ensue causing delay , disruption and structural deficiencies leading to spiralling costs and headaches for users and asset owners .


At Adrian Pike Consultancy we have decades of experience in the highways industry on a worldwide basis and are able to offer support , guidance , good practice and value engineering solutions for clients , owners , engineering consultants and contractors .


Our key skill sets surround the use of effective waterproofing protection methods for bridges, tunnels and other civil / building infrastructure.


Connect with us to learn more about how we can support your highways infrastructure needs .



Tel : +44 7507 604482

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